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Shopping For DVD Movies

Technology has taken us from Beta to VHS and now to DVD movies.  With each new step of technology, the pictures became more clear, the sound more defined and an improved experience overall.  However, nothing has matched the quality of DVD movies.  With crystal clear images, incomparable sounds and tons of added features, DVD movies are a hit. 

Gone are the days when a movie rental was just a movie.  These days, a DVD rental includes not only the movie, but also deleted scenes, cast interviews, commentary and often even a documentary on how the film was made.  Video store rentals are excellent, but what if you don't have a local rental store?  No problem.  Several big name retailers offer online rentals, which means that a video store is now just a click away.  For a monthly fee, online rental companies will allow you to create a wish list of DVD movies that you want to see.  They will send a movie from your list and, after you watch it, it is returned in exchange for another selec…

Lincoln’s Version of Luxury

The Lincoln Continental is a vehicle that is crafted and manufactured by the Lincoln brand of the Ford Motor Company in the United States. This is a line of luxury cars, and for most of its lifetime, the name, Lincoln Continental, has often been used in reference to the Lincoln flagship that displayed four doors. This vehicle was initially developed as Edsel Ford’s personal vehicle. This vehicle has often been rated as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever crafted the world over.

This vehicle has been substantially updated in the middle of the 1990s decade. It received more rounded lines thus exuding a more aerodynamic exterior. For 1995, it reigned and received a reputation as a unique Lincoln vehicle and was recognized as a luxury car. Its V6 engine was replaced through the addition and use of the same DOHC Modular V8 that was installed at the rear of this vehicle. Constant updates were made and in 1998, it displayed a new exterior. After a year, side airbags were put in place and…