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Monthly Favorites - March 2017

The temperature is rising each day, seems like the Summer is awaiting at the doorstep impatiently for the Spring to be gone. Though it rained some days, it wasn't sufficient enough to cool down the earth. I'm trifle worried thinking of the days ahead, as the TV channels keep predicting a scorching Summer this year. April-May is the Summer or Pre-Monsoon season in my country, in case you're wondering why I ramble on about Summer here.

I'm planning on reading Summer themed books in the coming months, hopefully, one or two classics too. If you've any recommendation, please do share it in the comments section. I would appreciate it. At the same time, I'm quite unsure about finding enough time, now that I've got my exam schedule dates. I'm fretting already. On the bright side, I can blog regularly once my exams are finally over. I miss writing the drafts and small talks with the publishers. But that's the topic for an another post.

March wasn't very favourable to me, hence had no mind to read the books. I kept jumping from one to an another and had a terrible time at getting myself to concentrate. SO, I took a blogger friend's advice in and decided on reading the old favourites when in doubt. And watched period dramas too. It really did help me. Read on to know which books helped me to wind down.

BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty

Not an old favourite, but the hype it has been garnering these days due to the TV show enticed me into picking it up. Don't judge this book based on the blurb, for it tells you only one fourth of the story. Liane Moriarty's BIG LITTLE LIES isn't merely a schoolyard scandal, but rather a story that makes the readers aware of the hidden abuse/domestic violence that can happen to any woman, anywhere and anytime. The plot includes a murder too, which makes the story more gripping. Liane also portrays how the poor children are affected when witnessing their mother being abused. It was an intriguing and thought-provoking story. I will write a detailed review if possible because I genuinely wish every woman to read it.
Rating: 4.5/5   Goodreads

DEAR THING by Julie Cohen

I can't be very articulate when writing about Julie Cohen's DEAR THING. It was a book that I pushed aside for many reasons and when I finally set my mind on reading, it became a special favorite book of mine. Cohen chooses the topic- 'the motherhood' as the subject matter of her book; a delicate subject that not many authors consider to write on. She deftly spins into a heart touching tale with unforgettable characters and a unique storyline. Let me also tell you that the story sounded totally absurd at the beginning, but slowly the pieces come together and create a beautiful story that will stay with the readers for a long time. I can't wait to read more books by this talented author now. Have you read any of her works?
Rating: 4.5/5   Goodreads

THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett

THE SECRET GARDEN seemed to be the perfect choice for the Spring season. The Garden at Misselthwaite remained closed for ten years, and when Mary Lennox finds the hidden key and opens it, the good magic in it bursts and brings changes in abundance in the life of whoever visits it. Her cousin, friend and uncle benefits from it and their lives become joyful as never before. I took two long weeks to re-read this old favorite of mine, still, I enjoyed every part of it; the time spent in the secret garden was thrilling and felt the magic pervading from the pages of the book to my own life. Exaggerating? Nope, it really was so. It put me in a good nostalgic mood and I longed to be a kid with a free heart once again. Their zeal and confidence and joy for the small things around them perked me up too. Well, to sum up, re-reading an old favorite when in doubt always helps!
Rating: 5/5    Goodreads

What did you read in February? How do you survive a reading slump? Any Summer book suggestions? I would love to hear from you...
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