Friday, 3 March 2017

Monthly Favorites - February 2017

        February marched in bearing a few surprises, which I enjoyed while it lasted. The remaining days, I'd been keeping myself busy with different tasks. I was taking care to find ample time to do each task in the list and surprisingly it worked out well. I read more books in February compared to last month, i.e; 6 books in total. Great, huh? 

There were two certain books, which left a deep impression on me. I raved and kept thinking about those characters for days. I happily let them stay inside my mind for a while, you know what I mean.


Author: Agatha Christie Genre: Crime thriller Publishers: Harper Colins Rating: 5/5

This book proves why Agatha is called the Queen of crime novels. Fascinating from the beginning to the end, I was tightly holding on to the book as if I couldn't rest until I found out what was going on in the mansion on Soldier Island, where the whole story is set. When the killer's name and his atrocious ways of murdering the victims were revealed, I was utterly gobsmacked. Agatha kept me on the edge of the seat through to the end.

It was the author's writing that helped me enjoy it- she starts with explaining the secrets surrounding the place and its current owner, goes on to tell the crimes committed by each guest and when the murders start taking place, she plays a mind trick on readers by letting them focus on the victims rather than the killer among them. And finally, when 'there were none', I convinced myself that something paranormal was happening there, but only to be bowled over later by Agatha Christie's top-notch villain. Can't recommend it enough!


Author: Kristin Hannah Genre: Historical Fiction Publishers: Pan Macmillan Rating: 5/5

Very less I knew about the story when decided to plunge into it. Once I began reading it, I found it impossible to put it down. The author vividly paints a picture of the wartime with the words, it offers a great sense of the pain those characters went through and thus making it a compulsive read. As someone who seldom read the wartime fictions, I loved this book to bits. 

The story centres around two sisters who fought the war bravely as they could. They both chose different ways of fighting; when one was brave enough to even die for the country, the other one dares to fight right under the enemy's nose. Their paths were paved with excruciating pain, suffering and the loss of dear ones. Hannah's prose brought it all alive in front of my eyes, and I could do nothing but weep along with them. The book left me in a miserable state- with the swollen eyes and a red nose from crying hard - yet I couldn't depart from them and didn't want the book to come to an end. 

I can go on forever talking about this amazing book and that's exactly the reason why I urge you all to read it. If you're into WWII stories/historical fiction, this book will interest you. Give it a try, won't you?
Have you read any of these books? Please suggest some similar books. 

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