Tuesday, 7 March 2017

LOVE IN AN ENGLISH GARDEN by Victoria Connelly- A Book not to miss in this Spring

In her latest book- LOVE IN AN ENGLISH GARDEN, Victoria Connelly invites the readers to meet the family living at Orley court and to take a stroll through their enchanting English garden. I immensely enjoyed this book- it's incredibly soothing and relaxing. The Orley garden puts everyone at ease with its charm. Connelly's evocative writing assists in bringing the garden in its full beauty to the reader's mind. This book is the best spring read I have read so far, I assure you. 

The story chiefly centres around the Jacobs family. Vanessa- who is still grieving the loss of her beloved husband - and her two daughters and mother-in-law. They decide to sell the North wing when the financial troubles start cropping up. The story continues by introducing new members of Orley court and a unique team working on restoring the garden to its prior beauty.

LOVE IN AN ENGLISH GARDEN is the first Victoria Connelly book I've read and surely, it won't be the last. Even the cover of this book is so inviting; it promises an old-fashioned kind of tale and that's exactly what it delivers. The fans of stories set in English countryside can't resist it at all. 

This book discusses quite a few women-centric concerns, but mainly of finding hope and love after the death of dear ones. The lives of the characters make us think how painful it is to live with only the memories of people who mattered the most to us once; of how lonely and desolate one experience from time to time. The author throws light on this subject from three different points of views and it was enlightening to see how it differs from person to person.

Albeit the story begins pretty well, it can be trifle slow-paced towards the middle. But don't stop there, keep reading on for you will be delighted once you have finished reading it. The cheerful feelings- with which this story is pervaded - is infectious, it put me in a light-hearted mood. It has a handful of endearing characters, whose tales Orley Court gently unfurls for the readers to delight in. I'm already looking forward to reading more books by this author. 

Put LOVE IN AN ENGLISH GARDEN on top of your Spring TBR, pals. The book will be out on March 14th. Read below for more details.
The Jacobs family has lived at Orley Court for generations. But when Vanessa Jacobs is widowed and left to manage the property, she finds costs spiralling out of control. In order to stay in their beloved home, she and her daughters will have to sell part of it off—a decision that drives a wedge between Vanessa and her mother-in-law.
The new owners of the north wing are Laurence Sturridge and his father, Marcus. Both of them long for an escape: Laurence from the monotony of his City career; Marcus from the grief of losing his wife. Could the beauty of Orley Court offer them a fresh outlook on life?
As the two families embark on a challenging new chapter over the course of a glorious English summer, secrets are revealed and relationships tested. But as Orley Court begins to weave its magic over them, will it be love, above all, that brings the two families together?
Author: Victoria Connelly Genre: Women's Fiction Publishers: Lake Union Publishing
Publication Date: March 14th, 2017
Rating: 4/5
Do you have any favourites by this author? Which book is on top of Spring TBR pile? Any recommendations? Please do let me know.

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