Thursday, 3 November 2016

Monthly Wrap-up | What I Read in October

Seasons come and go without getting noticed. I miss Summer now. Of late, the days are bleak, dark and gloomy. It affects my reading too, as you all know that I'm a mood reader. I was binge-reading Christmas books till the last week, but now I fancy to snuggle up with thick and dark novels, in lieu of. On a hindsight, it is good since I could read a few books, that I had been putting aside for a while. Last month, I wrote about the books I wish to read before November ends. So far, I've completed three books from the list and quite happy about it. Apart from those, I did enjoy a couple of good women's fictions too.

I read a total of 8 books in October.

A debut book that I loved to bits! It was a cute and cozy read, teeming with the Christmas and Wintry feelings. Highly Recommended!

I hadn't read any story set in Cotswolds before. Now that I have finally, Cotswolds has become a place that I wish to visit whenever I make my dream trip to England. Kate Hewitt paints a quaint, charming and old fashioned village Christmas in this book, that readers are guaranteed to fall in love with. Recommended!

3. WE WERE ON A BREAK by Lindsey Kelk (Favourite of the Month)
H.I.L.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Lindsey Kelk has penned a story that portrays the chaos, which the absence of communication in a relationship can lead to. Generously speckled with the witty dialogues and funny incidents, WE WERE ON A BREAK won a place straight into my top 2016 reads list.

A Christmas fiction that reminds the readers of the true meaning of Christmas and the celebrations surrounded it. Liked it much.

5. THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW by Washington Irving
I'm happy that I finally read it, it had been there in my to-be-read as long as I can remember. However, THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW was neither a spooky nor a dark story as I expected it to be. Except for Irving's lyrical prose, this book turned out to be a complete disappointment to me. 

I like Rebecca's style of writing, it's serene, warm and comfortable. It was a very pleasant story!

The protagonist of this book and I are alike in many ways, so a very "special" read to me or more like a personal read ;D. Loved it!

8. LOVE CONNECTION by Camilla Isley
Camilla Isley is back with a new romantic comedy that explores the 'WHAT IF' moments in a story. A bubbly, energetic and stimulating tale. Review to come soon...

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What did you read in October? Did you read any spooky stories? What was your favourite read of the month? 
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