Thursday, 10 November 2016

Book Review | Those Summer Nights by Mandy Baggot

Genre: Women's Fiction
Publication Date: May 27th, 2016
Publishers: Bookouture

Why the insta-love? I'm crying my heart out right now! THOSE SUMMER NIGHTS by Mandy Baggot is a beautiful book, I enjoyed it from cover to cover. However, the whirlwind romance took the shine off from it towards the end.

When travelling to Corfu with Harry, Imogen's sole intention was to make her brother see the perils of starting a restaurant in Greece and return home with him instead of helping him opening it. However, upon reaching there, she sees how resolved Harry is and opts to help him for the grand opening in lieu of. But, the previous owner's grandson's plans to build a beachfront property is being a threat to them now. 

This book gave me the feels of vacationing in Corfu for two long weeks. It was fabulous, Mandy Baggot has captured the essence of life in Corfu beautifully and paints a vivid picture for us to delight in. The descriptions of Greek food, beach, dance, music, traditions and customs of people tickled serious wanderlust in me, and all I wanted to do was to visit Corfu island as soon as possible. Baggot's writing is well fleshed out and in depth, so we don't miss out on anything in Character's life. It was MAGNIFICENT

I liked Imogen and her family, but not as much as I liked Pano and Elpida. The Greeks won my heart with their customs and manners, I simply couldn't resist their charm. A ruggedly handsome hero and his sassy grandma, who loves to boss around and cooks delectable Greek food- they were adorable. Since restaurant being a vital part of the story, there were talks about Greek food in each chapter and recipes to try at the end. If you are a foodie cum traveller, you're gonna love this book. 

THOSE SUMMER NIGHTS portrays a beautiful brother-sister relationship, which I'm so fond of. I've always wanted to read a story that depicts the bonding of brother and sister, so I enjoyed reading it. Mandy also sheds light on the recent financial crisis in Greece - on unemployment and how small town people strive against it.  

Coming to romance- most of the books I read this year were centred around instalove theme, and it's starting to get on my nerves. Still, Mandy's detailed writing managed to soften it up and gives us an impression of knowing the characters for a long time. However, I could foresee the ending very early and it sapped the excitement. 

That being said, THOSE SUMMER NIGHTS is a thoroughly enjoyable book and will be a perfect summer beach read for women. If Mandy Baggot wanted her readers to fall in love with Corfu like she did, then I will have to say THOSE SUMMER NIGHTS delivers it! 
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