Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Book Review | The Christmas Town ♥ We Were On A Break

The Christmas Town by Donna VanLiere
Genre: Christmas Fiction
Publication Date: 18th October 2016
Publishers: St. Martin's Press (Received from publishers. Thank You!)

Lauren, a twenty-years-old girl,  places an ad on Craigslist, stating she is looking for a family to spend Christmas with. She is expecting this Christmas to be different from the previous years, which she celebrated either with foster parents or alone at her apartment. She never thought a long drive to the next town could bring so many changes in her life. Lauren becomes a part of the town sooner than she realises.  

It made me smile and also brought tears to my eyes. THE CHRISTMAS TOWN is an affectionate and sweet Christmas Fiction, written by Donna VanLiere, who has also penned down a number of other festive stories. This is Lauren's story; of how could find a family and also the real joy of Christmas. The book chiefly concentrates on her rapport with the town's people and Lauren's pleasant, affable and sweet-natured disposition. The romantic aspect is minor in it. We are introduced to a bunch of warm characters, who have vital roles in the story. Each of them had their own persona and stories, and together those characters weave a beautiful Christmas tale. A special mention to Ben, a darling boy, who works hard to bring joy to the people around him. Spreading joy and hope through a soothing tale - THE CHRISTMAS TOWN is definitely worth reading! 

WE WERE ON A BREAK by Lindsey Kelk
Genre: Women's Fiction
Publication Date: October 6th, 2016
Publishers: Harper Colins 

Nobody writes it like Lindsey Kelk does! She selects a usual trope, and deftly spins it into a mirthful, uproarious and clever story. WE WERE ON A BREAK is packed with laughter-filled moments, that makes you chuckle as well as think. This is definitely one of the best woman fiction I have read in 2016. For Sure. Olivia and Adam's Holidays in Mexico ends up in a chaos and what followed was even worse. Liv already knew that Adam was about to propose when in Mexico. But, Adam doesn't, since he finds himself in a state of nerves after his plans for a perfect proposal gets ruined. The expectations and the lack of communication make the gap wider between them and they were on a break, any sooner than they realised.

The story is narrated from both Liv and Adam's perspective, it gives the readers an insight into their pattern of thoughts. Besides giving a chance to know the characters in detail, it also portrays the convoluted pattern of human thinking. In lieu of communicating and clearing up the misunderstanding in relationships, we prefer to make up our own stories inside the head and prefers to become upset over it. I liked how Lindsey dealt with that. It was like watching good Rom-Com movie; from the witty dialogues to their oh-so-real reactions, everything is amazing, entertaining and rings true. 

Her writing is casual, energetic and lively. It echoes an adult's voice and I could actually picture them, whilst reading it. WE WERE ON A BREAK was an easy read for me- one which I had no trouble in keeping it aside and getting back into the story later. Not only the main characters, but the secondary characters were also equally brilliant. From their friends to their family, I liked them all; including Daniel Craig-the cat. Of course, everyone can see how the story might have ended. But, the author has added a smart twist to that, which makes the ending peppier and happier too. An enjoyable book, in short!

Thanks, Harper Colins and Edelweiss for the review copy.
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