Saturday, 13 August 2016

FIVE Settings I like to read in Summer books

I own many summer themed books, haven't read most of them yet, though. Yesterday, I was making a To-Read-Books list for this month and glancing through the blurb of each book, to decide which one to read next. It sparked an idea for the next blog post- the background settings of summer novels. So, here is a list of five settings I like the most.

Duh! Of course, the beach is my first preference. Most of the summer books I read this year are set in seaside villages or islands surrounded by the sea. I never get tired of those stories, instead, hopelessly fall in love with each place. Each time I finish reading a story, I feel the urge to pack my bag and go on a long vacation to that place.

Ah, tales set in castles are my next weakness. A chance to meet royal people and goof around their home? Sounds like a perfect summer vacation to me. I'm obsessed with stories with a castle or mansion in it; especially of tales set in the spooky or Gothic environment.

Exotic Destinations
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Stories that inspire some serious wanderlust in me. Open a book and get magically transported to some of the exotic locations in the world. Well, that's my definition of summer vacation. I prefer a staycation with a pile of books next to me, rather than travelling here and there. I'm fond of such books, especially of those set in the south of France, Ireland and Scotland.

English Villages
I'm too fond of those serene, gorgeous and rustic villages, the local attractions, and their refined manners and customs; can never get enough of them. I will devour any story taking place in an English Village, seasons/plots don't matter at all.

   Road Trips
I enjoy road trips a lot, especially the ones at night; when the world is asleep and the city is bathed in electric lights and the dark streets under the moonlight. I always fight for the side seat, to stare at the starlit sky and also to enjoy the wind on my face, whenever I get a chance. Hmm... there isn't any book that involves loads of travelling at night, I assume. Still, I delight in getting lost in books that tell great road trip stories. 

What are your favourite settings in summer reads? Which is your favourite summer novel and why? Have you read books set in aforementioned settings? Let's chat!
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