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FIVE Animation Movies to fuel your hunger for good stories - PART I

What got me into reading? It's a question I always come across and compels me to think about what actually inspired me to read more and more stories. As long as I can recollect, it was either the picture books or the cartoon shows; most probably the latter one.

From Mickey Mouse to Pokemon, 90's kids were the luckiest to watch the best of addictive cartoon and anime shows on TV and I am one of them. Believe it or not, those shows encouraged me to read to a great extent. We didn't have many story books, but the weekly children's magazine. Seeing the colourful pictures of my favourite characters in it, is what made me pick them up and start reading and soon, we (my brother and me) were hooked by the stories and waited impatiently until next Friday, for Papa to bring the next issue, to catch up with the continuation of stories. In between, those animation shows fuelled our hunger for stories.

SO, together- a combo of cartoon movies and picture books - helped me to nurture my love for good stories and shaped me into a reader that I am today.

In this post, I have compiled a list of five animation movies I love to watch over and over again, hoping that those movies might be able to push someone else to read books. If you already are a passionate reader and haven't seen any of these films, I suggest you to watch them and let me know your opinions. Watching these movies can a good alternative to reading, and might save you from a reading slump as well, I gather.

P. S.  Trish's HOW TO CREATE A BOOKWORM helped me to come up with this post. Do visit her blog and be a part of her initiative. 

The Black Cauldron (1985)

This DISNEY movie is set in a fictitious land called Prydain. The evil Horned king is searching for The Black Cauldron, a mystical relic. It's been hidden for ages, as it can grant the owner the evil powers to raise an invisible army of dead people, and thus assist in conquering the world. Dallben, the enchanter owns a magical pig called Hen Wen, it can foresee the future and also the visions. Now the Horned King wants the pig to locate the cauldron. So, Dallben asks his pig herder, Taran, to hide Hen Wen from the king. Unfortunately, king's dragons snatch the pig away from Taran and now he has to travel to the Horned King's castle and rescue Hen Wen. On the way, he meets Gurgi, Princess Eilonwy, fairies and together they rescue Hen Wen and try to destroy the black cauldron before the Horned king finds it.

There is dark magic, adventure, and a beautiful companionship. I wager, you'll love this movie. I also bet you haven't heard about the Disney Princess Eilonwy before... right?

Thumbelina (1994)

Thumbelina centres on a girl who is as taller as the thumb, born from a magical barleycorn when her mother longed for children. Thumbelina thinks she'll never be able to meet someone of her on size. Then, her mother tells her the story of Fairy Queen and King, and she starts to fantasize about meeting the fairy prince. Luckily, the prince, Cornelius was just passing by, who listens to her sweetest voice and comes to visit. Love-at-first-sight. Prince promises to return the next day with parents permission and plan for their happily-ever-after. Alas! Thumbelina was stolen by Mrs Toad on the same night and is abandoned when she refuses to marry her son. The story revolves around Thumbelina finding her way back home to meet Cornelius as promised, with the help of friends she meets on the journey.

This magical movie is based on a Hans Anderson's story, Thumbelina. She is one of my all time favourite princess, watching this cartoon movie brings back a lot of childhood memories and put me in a nostalgic mood always. Thumbelina is one of those movies, which inspired me to search and read more books for prince and princess stories. I owe her a lot. So, here's a shout out to THUMBELINA!

The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Dr Dawson is returning to England from Afghanistan and is searching for a place to stay. On his way, he meets Ms Olivia Flaversham, whose daddy is kidnapped by a bat and is crying helplessly about not being able to find her way to Baker street, where Basil - the great mouse detective lives. Dawson assists the little girl to reach Basil's home and soon they realise Mr Falversham is kidnapped by none other than the nefarious professor Ratigan. Together they go on an adventure to save Olivia's Dad and put Ratigan behind bars.

This cartoon movie is inspired by the famous Detective Sherlock Holmes novels. You'll be amazed watching Basil's observations and the clever tricks. Most of the scenes remind me of the show Sherlock Holmes and Dr Dawson's role makes it all the more interesting. Worth watching, indeed!

Anastasia (1997)

princess movie Anastasia
Another non-Disney princess, whom I like so much. Anastasia, daughter of the Tsar of Imperial Russia, is separated from her family, when Rasputin, an evil man, attacks the royal family. Years later, the Grand Duchess declares a reward to the one who can return her granddaughter to her. Dmitri, a young man who has worked in the palace before, schemes a cunning plan; he auditions for a girl who looks alike princess Anastasia, teach her the royal manners and present her to the Duchess. But, he had no idea that the girl, Anya, whom they have selected, was the real princess.

Before watching Anastasia, I wouldn't have a dreamed of a princess who is so down-to-earth and equally sassy too; always ready for adventures, fun, and determined to take the chances to make her dream come true. A story that has a princess, a caring hero, an evil sorcerer and a powerful curse to break; Anastasia is a must watch for story lovers.

Swan Princess (1994)

Princess Odette is kidnapped by Lord Rothbart, a sorcerer who wishes to marry her and capture the kingdom, and has turned her into a beautiful swan. She becomes human during daytime and a swan when the moonlight falls upon her. Prince Derek is trying to save her from the animal (sorcerer turns into a dragon) who kidnapped his princess and prove his love for her to the world. A classic romance, you will absolutely fall in love with.

Swan Princess is the first animation movie I watched in a VCR, my grandma's brother had brought it when he came from the USA. I was mesmerized by the quality of the picture as well as by the princess who turns into a beautiful swan, I hardly understood the story for English was an alien language to me back then, though ;) My memories of that afternoon are still vivid as it just happened yesterday, it was almost 15 or 17 years ago. NOSTALGIC! I became obsessed with princess and HEA stories after seeing this film, really wish it encourages an another kid to pick up a fairy tale and read it. A MUST-SEE cartoon movie for all who loves a good story!

Have you already watched these films? Which is your favorite? 
Have cartoons influenced you to become a reader? What got you into reading? 
Do you have any suggestions? 
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