Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Blogging Resolutions 2016

Hey, Friends!
Wish you A Marvellous Year ahead!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well. How did you enjoy the New Year? I don't celebrate New Year. You may ask why?? It's simply because the numbers freak me out. I HATE growing up!!! Oh, you have no idea how much I wish for NEVERLAND to be real... If it was, I would have convinced Peter Pan somehow to let me join him. Ah, that reminds me about reading Peter Pan and watching the Disney movie (1953) this year. I have to update my bookish resolutions. Yikes! 

SO, Last week I shared my Bookish Resolutions. It gave me an idea of coming up with some Blogging Resolutions as well. Not exactly! All these were in TO-DO list. Just thought of listing them out here at Lilac Diaries. I was hoping you, my lovely cupcakes can help me with some tricks and tips to improve my blog. Could you, please? 

Without further ado,

1. Comment, Comment, and Comment

Comment more! Long, long ago, I used to leave a comment on each blog post I read and liked. Later on, it was reduced to just peruse alone. I became too lazy to comment and be a part of those exciting book discussions that often take place around the Blogosphere and on Twitter as well. Missed out many. But it won't be like the last year in 2016. I'm determined to comment more and make new blogger buddies. I have assigned half an hour every evening, only for reading the fellow blogger's posts and be a part of the discussion by writing a lovely comment. 

P. S. It would be really nice if everyone starts using Disqus. The BEST and easiest plugin to follow up the comments.

2. Reply to Comments

From a blogger who LOOOUVEDDD comments to a blogger who neglects all the comments. Pathetic! I know... I know :( So I have made up my mind to reply as soon as possible to each and every comment I receive on my blog. 

3. Add Contact Me & About Me pages

A brief intro page about myself and what you can expect from my blog and a Contact page. I read many articles, which mentioned these two pages as the most important and essential parts of a Blog. I also came upon a blog post about how to add a Contact Form. Sadly, it doesn't work properly. Do you know how? Please do tell me.  

4. Come Up with More Bookish Posts

The Blogger Analytics show more traffic on Bookish Posts other than Reviews. I recently deleted a few drafts I had written on a whim. I loathe my decision now. Hopefully, I can come up with more. 

5. Stop playing with the Blog Design

If you have been following me for a year now, I'm sure you must have seen a couple of headers and changes I frequently added to my blog. 'Experimenting' is the right word. I have learnt to edit the vectors and how to play with the pretty and attractive fonts. Spent lot of time for that. No regrets though. I'm happy with the new header and overall design (credit: Freepik and 1001 free fonts).  I'm planning to stay put with the 'designing thingy' for a year now. 

6. Unclutter the sidebar.

Is it so cluttterd? or does it lack anything? I'm a bit flustered about that.

7. Clean Up the tags.

Either I use no tags or I use many. I wasn't aware about all those SEO Optimization things till now. I need to clean them up and organise them properly. More than 100 posts!!! Phew! I need more tea... 

Do you know how to tackle any of this issue? Can you help? Thanks!

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