Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015

Today's TTT topic is Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For The First Time In 2015. So without further ado, here's my list of authors I'm thankful and happy for in 2015.

Yes, I read the book this year and so glad about it. It was all due to the hype 'Go Set A Watchman' received. To Kill A Mockingbird stands first on my favourites list; though Go Set A Watchman was marked as DNF by me. I suggest all to read it if you haven't yet. The story is inspired by the author's childhood, depicts a very sensitive matter through the eyes of a child in an amazing way. A must read, I would say. My respect to Harper Lee for this wonderful novel.

An awesome author, I'm thankful for. Eleanor and Park was in my TBR for quite sometime. When I sat down with it finally, I just devoured the entire book. Her characters will definitely stay with me for a long time. I can still remember the story as if I read it yesterday. Rainbow Rowell is a writer who can narrate the social issues in a delicate, bold, and beautiful writing style. I've bought FanGirl, I will be reading it soon after Christmas. 

To be frank, it was the cover, which made me buy this particular book. Isn't beautiful? I had never heard of Jane Costello before. How happy I was after reading this book! Jane's witty, enjoyable writing won her a place in my favorite-authors list. I'll be reading The Love Shack next.


Right! I know what you guys are thinking? I started reading Harry Potter series this year. It's just that I was kinda banned from reading such novels, thinking it would confuse me with the real things (might be due the damages caused to my level of thinking by "Fairy Tales"). Now that I am older enough to understand what is what and who is who, I decided to read it. Do you feel that I'm blabbering some rubbish? Never mind! 

J K Rowling is the best, I personally believe that no other writer can never ever match the talents and fame of the author of the Harry Potter series. I had already watched the movies, but those are nothing compared to the books. Elated and grateful for such wonderful imaginations. She is simply amazing! I've got four more books to read in the HP series, then I will start the Cormoran Strike novels

Have you read Holly Martin's books? I recommend her books whenever you are in need a good amount of laughter and romance. She always makes me laugh, leave me with a good feeling inside and shhh... her adorable, swoon-worthy characters are bound to make you believe in love. I will be reading more novels by her. 

Andrea L Wells. Gosh, it's all because of winning a giveaway, I would have never read The Violet Hour series otherwise. Her books are utterly engrossing. The Violet Hour series is the first paranormal books I read and loved completely. You see, those are special to me. Also, Andrea is friendlier than most of the writers I have known. So, she deserves a special place in my list. Recommend her books, if you like YA/ Paranormal novels.

After reading The Violet Hour, I was on the lookout for more paranormal/thriller novels. Then, I found Time To Die by Caroline Mitchell via Netgalley. Big thanks to Bookouture. I think, I've acquired a taste for such novels now. A gripping thriller, it was. The paranormal elements were kinda scary too, something that would give you chills whilst reading. Caroline Mitchell is an excellent writer without a doubt. 

Jenny Hale's novel was the best Christmas Read in 2015. Such a talented writer, who writes stories that tug at your heart. I understand that her novels are family-centered always. This book will definitely give a heartfelt smile and fill you with Christmas spirit. I gotta read more books by her.

Rosie Blake's writing is different; sounded like a real one, as it can happen in anyone's life, not just in stories. And there was humour and it was lengthy and narrative enough to know the characters well. Usually, I get that odd 'wanting to know more about characters' when the stories come to an end. Surprisingly, this one successfully made me feel satiated. I liked that. Thus, Rosie Blake has become one of my favourite authors.

I am currently reading this book and have perfectly understood why everybody showers her with praises. She has got her own chicklitty style, which will keep you hooked on to the story till the end. Yes to that fun, interesting Lindsay Kelk style, I've become fond of it. So Lindsay Kelk it is! 

Have you read any of these authors books? Recommend me your favourite books by them. Which author has made it to your list in 2015? Suggest me their books as well.

Happy Reading!