Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Review: How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake

Author: Rosie Blake
Genre: Chick Lit, Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Format: Kindle
Source: From the publishers in exchange of an honest review
Page Length: 304 Pages
Publication Date: November 5th, 2015
Publishers: Corvus
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'Tis the season to be jolly. Unless you've found an intimate picture of another woman on your fiance's phone...

Eve is heartbroken after discovering her fiance is cheating on her. Being surrounded by the joys of Christmas is more than Eve can bear, so she chooses to avoid the festivities by spending Christmas alone on a houseboat in Pangbourne. Eve gets an unexpected seasonal surprise when handsome local vet Greg comes to her rescue one day, and continues to visit Eve's boat on a mission to transform her from Kitchen Disaster Zone to Culinary Queen.

But where does Greg keep disappearing to? What does Eve's best friend Daisy know that she isn't telling? And why is there an angry goose stalking Eve's boat?

A hilarious and heart-warming novel about Christmas, catastrophes and cooking, containing exclusive Christmas recipes, from the talented Rosie Blake.
Yay! It's December, the month of love, hope, happiness, and celebrations. This is my favorite season of the year, and the best time to devour those awesomely delicious festive novels. I started tidbit early this year, already read a couple of good Christmas books. So, what makes Rosie Blake's How to Stuff Up Christmas so special, eh? 'Cause this is my new favorite 'Tis the Season' read.

Eve is heartbroken realizing Liam was cheating on her. Still moaning she is. Eve plans an escapade from the family Christmas celebrations since she doesn't wish to be reminded of the last Christmas with Liam. She joins a Pottery class in Pangbourne and chooses to stay on a houseboat. There, she meets Greg, the local veterinary surgeon. Gradually, the relationship blooms into a sweeter companionship. The rest of the novel is about Greg's secrets, Eve's transformation from an amateur cook to a skilled one, Eve's pottery class, her funny pals, her dog 'Marmite', friend Ro-Ro's wedding and more.

I am a sucker for Christmas books; love everything from the cover to the last page, allow myself to be drawn inside the story, savor each moment and force myself to believe in the magic of the season. I love it even more when the authors offer exclusive Christmas recipes with it. All these factors made How to Stuff Up Christmas my kinda read. So happy that I saved it up for December. I had already heard many raving about Rosie Blake's How to Get a Love Life, everyone did praise her for the humor in it. I was so desperate to read her book, couldn't resist when Corvus books offered one and said "yes" immediately.

Delighted to say, the book did meet all the expectations, satiated and left me wanting more 'Rosie Blake Books'. I had no idea how to prepare many scrumptious recipes, the author referred to. Thank God for the recipes, planning to try it and see how it pans out. SO the cover! I loved it. Totally loved it! Got to buy a paperback to showcase it like a prized collection.

It's always the first two or three chapters of the books, then my premonition will let me know whether I'll like it or not. How to Stuff Up Christmas's opening chapter was hilarious, I instantly liked them all, especially her parents. Eve's dad is color blind, his dressing style made me chuckle. And her Mom's way of dealing with it, dissolved me into laughter. Eve has two lovely sisters, she adores the elder one, Harriet, with whom Eve shares a beautiful relationship. Then there is Eve's chum, Daisy. Aw, what  a lovely friend! They have a strong, understanding, and compassionate friendship. They help out each other when in need. A cool, fun loving pair of buddies everybody would wish to befriend. I loved Eve's family and friends. In short, I was captivated by the story from the very start.

I really enjoyed Eve and Greg's story, the entire storyline and the characters were believable, real and genuine. That's the reason why I just loved this book. I love chick-lit novels, 'cause those books tell a story that I can somehow relate to myself and my life. Eve and Greg are just normal people, searching for happiness, they do have trouble in daily life, trying their best to overcome those hurdles and they succeed at last. The season brings the magic and merriness back to their life.The story is well-paced and well developed, got ample time to know the characters, felt like a part of their story; as I was there in the book, witnessing the whole thing.

How to Stuff Up Christmas is a pure delight to read in the festive season. Most of the story is set in an English Village, the detailed descriptions can make everyone wish for a countryside Christmas. The supporting characters were also lovely, except Liam. But sad to say, it wasn't humorous as I anticipated. There were some moments, that made me doubled up with laughter, especially whenever there was a goose in the scene. And I also wished to hear more from Greg's side, felt most of the pages were devoted to Eve. Nevertheless, the story compromises all the flaws, devouring the novel was a pure bliss.

In a nutshell, How to Stuff Up Christmas is a perfect book for the festive season. Turn on those fairy lights, light up the Christmas tree, and snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of hot cocoa and Rosie Blake's How to Stuff Up Christmas. Highly recommended!

Happy Reading!