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Christmas at the Vicarage by Rebecca Boxall

Author: Rebecca Boxall
Genre: Women's Fiction, GeneralFiction (Adult)
Format: Kindle
Page Length: 234 Pages
Source: Netgalley
Publication Date: November 17, 2015
Publishers: Lake Union Publishing
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It’s been fifteen years since Rosamunde last lived at the vicarage in Potter’s Cove, the pretty coastal village where she grew up, experienced her first true love—and a heartbreak that changed her life forever. But now Potter’s Cove is calling her back: it’s time to make peace with the past and go home.

Rosamunde’s return to the vicarage in the days before Christmas is a whirlwind of festive cheer and heartwarming reunions with friends, family and her loving father, the vicar. And while seeing the old place after all this time stirs painful memories of long-ago grief, it also reminds her of all the love she left behind. Fifteen years ago she vowed never to let herself be vulnerable again—but now that she’s back she’s not so sure. Is it possible that real happiness could strike more than once?

Spanning three decades of family life, Christmas at the Vicarage is a warm, feel-good tale that examines what it means to love and to lose—and to be brave enough to try again.

I hesitated, unsure of whether to read this or not. Kept it aside always. When I found it on the top position in Amazon list, I decided to give it a whirl. You won't believe it! I was completely engrossed by the story, and kept reading it. In fact, I was searching the google for more books by Rebecca Boxall. And Guess what I found out? It's her DEBUT novel. Wow!

Rosamunde is disturbed by a recurring nightdream. Intrigued by the dream, she decides to return home after fifteen long years. She stays at the Vicarage in Potter's Cove with her father, who is the vicar. As days pass by, Rosamunde recalls the painful memories of her past and remembers why has distanced herself from falling in love again. As she enjoys the reunion with her friends, Rosamunde feels the spark again. But, to a wrong man. Christmas at the Vicarage tells the touching, unusual story of Rosamunde Pemberton.

Yep. Very Unusual story. Just when I thought I could predict the end, Rebecca threw more and more twists and turns. I have lost the count of surprises and shocking events, the author had in store for the readers. I think, that's one reason why I liked the novel more.

Starting from the prologue, the book sounded so interesting. The book takes us through Rosamunde's past and present, the chapters unfold the MISERABLE stories from her past. I was feeling sorry for her, wanted to get inside the novel and give her a bear hug. Wish I could explain it.. Rosamunde deserved a happy ending. Thank God! Finally, she got it.

The writing made reading even more beautiful. An excellent choice of words to portray the whole events, I was bewitched by her writing style. The antique, vintage charms of the vicarage drew me into the book. It made me longing to visit the vicarage. In short, I couldn't stop reading the book, it kept me awake in the night.

I loved Rosamunde. Rosamunde and Stephen's sweet romance made me smile. I was agog to read their grown up stories. But the twist shook me badly. Rebecca brought back the rays of hope through an another unexpected turn and my heart longed for them to be together. The unpredictable turn in the story upset me once again. My heart ached for Rosamunde and Stephen. Didn't know whom to blame for all things happened in their life. When Rosie found love once again, my joy knew no bounds. I was really happy for her.

Frankly speaking, I didn't dare to imagine that Rosie would get her HEA. Rebecca literally kept me on the edges of my seat till the last paragraph of the novel. Christmas at the Vicarage is unputdownable. The first few chapters are kinda slow, but the following ones are guaranteed to keep you hooked to the story.

Are you wondering why did I give 4.5 stars instead of a beautiful 5? That's because I felt Rebecca was rushing to wrap up the story towards the end. I wouldn't have mind reading a few more pages by this talented writer. Unfortunately, she hurried the things and it sounded like the story came to an abrupt end. That's why, I forced myself to take off the half of a shining star from the rating button.

In a nutshell, Christmas at the Vicarage is a beautiful and engrossing debut novel by Rebecca Boxall. Recommended to all!

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