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Review and Q & A: The Midnight Hour by Andrea L Wells

The Violet Hour #0.5
Author: Andrea L Wells
Genre: Paranormal, YA Fiction
Format: Kindle Edition
Page Length: 101 Pages
Publication Date: November 10th, 2015
Publishers: KD Publishing
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The only true destiny is love.

And love is not always about happy endings.

Michelle Keller-Jarvis doesn't know it yet, but she's going to die.

Beautiful, rich and an immortal werewolf, no one suspects how ready she is to risk everything to keep her daughter, Logan, safe from Xavier's royal clutches.

A prequel to The Violet Hour, this novella offers readers a chance to hear Michelle's story of a plan eleven years in the making gone horribly wrong.

When destiny makes its demands, sometimes the strongest don't survive.


It all started with winning the giveaway of The Violet Hour by Andrea L Wells. A blogger friend of mine was pouring praises on Andrea for the book, it made me eager to read it. Though, I was never open to Paranormal novels, I decided to try reading it. The Violet Hour series is the story of a pack of immortal, ageless werewolves. A new power is in the making, a successor to Alpha- the powerful, royal title among them. It can be a threat to the reigning Alpha. OK, That's it! Read the books to know more :) The Violet Hour introduced me to Luke and Logan and I instantly loved them both. Read my review here. The story ended with a cliffhanger and some unanswered questions, which kept me on tenterhooks, waiting to find out the answers.

The Midnight Hour, a prequel to The Violet Hour was released on November 10th. You know that "itch" to get your hands on the book as soon as it is out... So, I just grabbed it at the first chance. The Violet Hour told the story of Logan's life after her mother, Michelle's mysterious death. The last chapters left some hints on how she died, but I needed a bit more details.

The Midnight Hour is written from Michelle's perspective; her voice awash with the agonies, memories, feelings, emotions, and anxieties knowing the death is too near. Andrea's writing style made it easy for me to get into the character's shoes and to see the life from Michelle's side; a mother, who did her best to save the life of her daughter and silently sacrificed herself when everything else failed. The more I got to know her, the sadder I was to see her go. Her escape plan kept my hopes too high, felt miserable when it went wrong. Michelle's story was heart wrenching! This novella also throws light on Michelle's relationship with her husband, and ex-husband, Kevin. It was nice to see how meaningful and affectionate was each relationship to her.

And I met Xavier this time. I pictured him as a vicious, strong-built, middle-aged, evil-looking man. To my surprise, he was nothing like I imagined him to be. But, more powerful, smarter, faster, and youthful. His powers make him unique and the Alpha. His attitude is different from the other villains I have seen in the movies. He kills only those who break the rules. There was something about him, which makes him royal ( and attractive too). The last part of the novella is written from Xavier's point of view. I completely forgot whose side I was on, whilst perusing the story from Xavier's  angle. Sheesh! I quite liked the villain ;) 

You can enjoy The Midnight Hour, even if you haven't read The Violet Hour. But, I recommend reading them in order for full enjoyment. Andrea's writing will never disappoint you, she certainly has a knack to keep the readers engaged throughout the novel with interesting characters and an engrossing plot. You will love it! I highly recommend these books, if you are a fan of paranormal books. 

This novella did answer my questions. Now that I know what is in every character's mind, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. What shall I expect? Some Good vs Bad intense actions, fights? or more twists and turns? Can't wait!

My Rating: 5/5 (Loved it!)

Q & A with Andrea L Wills

What was the inspiration for writing The Violet Hour series?

Let me start by saying, I never set out to write a paranormal piece. And werewolves? Not even a thought in my mind. When I sat down to write Logan’s story I knew it was going to be about a girl who had just lost her mother, forcing her to have to move back in with her estranged father. I knew there was going to be a huge contrast between her former lifestyle and her new lifestyle (Hollywood versus Wyoming) which would be the start of the conflict and I knew there was going to be a boy – of course, there was going to be a boy!

I got about 5 chapters in and quickly realized I needed to get a little twisted, thinking to myself, ‘Where can I take this story?’ It was almost immediate that the idea of werewolves came to me. At the time, (back in 2009) vampires were heavy on the young adult paranormal scene but werewolves had just barely started to make their appearance. The Twilight Saga movie New Moon was releasing in just a few weeks which would visually introduce (or reintroduce depending on how long you’ve been a fan of paranormal) the world to werewolves. I, of course, had already read the series many, many, many times.

Armed with my new intentions for the story, I realized almost immediately that I wanted Logan to already be destined to become a werewolf. The story began telling itself and still to this day, 6 years later to the day, it continues to do so in my mind.

What are your favorite Paranormal Novels?

So now you can probably guess one of my favorite paranormal series, having a major influence on my writing – The Twilight Saga. You may find it interesting that I was Team Edward when it came to the books and I was Team Robert Pattinson when it came to the movies. I had no emotional attachment to the werewolves/Jacob Black in the series – which may explain why I set out to write (hopefully) a really good werewolf story. Somewhere in my mind, I was longing to flesh out werewolf characters.

Another paranormal series I couldn’t put down was The Nightshade Series by Andrea Cremer (total coincidence on the first names).

I’ve purchased several other paranormal/werewolf series that I’m positive I will love, but since diving deep into the world of writing young adult paranormal romance, I do not read the genre. I know the path of my characters, I know the story, and I feel like while I’m still in the process of transferring all that to paper, I need to protect it in my own mind. So I don’t allow similar series to influence what I’m currently working on.

Because of that rule I have, I’m extremely open to reading any genre and am always accepting book recommendations. 
Thanks, Andrea!

Gee, what are waiting for? Do you like paranormal stories? Werewolves? Then, Grab the copies today itself. Have you read the books already? Did you like it? Please do tell me.

Happy Reading!