Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Have you ever been to The Magical Animal Adoption Agency?

The Magical Animal Adoption Agency #2
Author: Kallie George
Genre: Middle Grade, Children's Fiction
Page Length: 136 Pages
Format: Ebook
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2015
Publishers: Disney Hyperion
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There's a new resident at the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, but this one hasn't hatched yet! Mr. Jams brought home an enchanted egg from his last journey, and Clover can't wait to find out what kind of creature the polka-dotted shell contains.

But one morning when Clover checks on the cozy nest of feathers she's made for the egg, she finds it empty, and the baby animal is nowhere in sight! Clover is anxious to find the creature, but the Agency is full of visitors looking for pets of their own. Will Clover be able to match them with their perfect companions and save the mysterious animal before Mr. Jams returns from his trip?

I am a Disney fanatic and love anything Disney. I was uber excited when Disney-Hyperion approved my request for Magical Animal Academy: The Enchanted Egg via Netgalley. I kept my chick lit novels aside and dove into this charming book.

The Enchanted Egg is the second book in The Magical Animal Adoption Agency. Clover is spending her summer vacation in an animal adoption agency. As the name suggests, the animals are magical in this agency; dragons, griffins, phoenix, unicorns, magical kittens, fire salamanders, fairy horses and so on. Mr. Jams, the owner had brought an enchanted egg from his last journey. It's not hatched yet and Clover gets curious day by day, to find out what kind of magical animal it could be. When Mr. Jams set off on his next journey, Clover is assigned in the charge of the agency. Next day, she finds the broken egg shells coated with some gooey, slimy thing. She can't find the animal anywhere. It was missing! The remaining story tells us Clover's effort to find the missing magical animal.

The journey to the Magical Animal Adoption Agency was delightful. I was keen to finish reading it, before going to bed. There were giants who use sunscreen lotions, leprechauns wearing tutus, a gnome who comes alive at night, a goose laying golden eggs filled with liquid gold, a centaur delivery man and a baker ghost who makes fluffy cupcakes. I enjoyed the story very much. All those illustrations were cute and helped in envisaging the story as well. The story reminded me of the Harry Potter series too, it could be the references to the three-headed dog and the basilisk, the poisonous snake. You will meet all kind of magical creatures in this story and that's the reason why I loved it.

Clover has taught us never to give up, even when situations are tough. I liked how she faced the challenges, her compassionate attitude towards the animals definitely qualifies her as a keeper. Each character I met was amazing. Kallie gives different interpretations to each enchanted creature; they are friendly and lead a normal life. So, you will certainly end up loving them, especially Children. Pages were turning so fast, as I was eager to know about the mysterious animal. I imagined it as something I have heard before. But, I was taken by surprise to discover the animal at last, I had never thought of such a creature before. I am sure that kids too will love it. They wouldn't be afraid of giants and ogres, after reading this book.

The Enchanted Egg ends with welcoming a new member to the agency, which hints to the next book in the series. I would gladly buy these books for my kids. It would make a nice addition to the storybook collection. Highly Recommended for the kids who enjoys fantasy novels. Take your kid on an imaginary trip to The Magical Animal Adoption Agency before going to slumber. They will be delighted!

My Rating: 5/5 (Perfect!)
Happy Reading!