Saturday, 24 October 2015

Babushka - A Christmas Storybook for Children

Written by: Dawn Casey
Illustrations by: Amanda Hall
Genre: Children's Fiction
Page Length: 32 pages
Publication Date: September 18th, 2015
Published by: Lion Children's Books

Babushka is busy tidying her house when three unexpected guests arrive telling her that they are looking for a baby, a new born king. When they leave Babushka stays behind cleaning and preparing a gift for the baby and when she goes to follow them she doesn’t know where to go. She searches and searches, leaving gifts for children in the houses she passes. The traditional Russian folk tale of Christmas with exquisite illustrations by an award-winning artist.


Babushka is familiar to me, I have read this Russian folk tale of Christmas before. Babushka misses the chance to meet the newborn King, as she prefers to stay back to clean the house instead of going with the three men who were following a shining star to reach to the baby. Next morning, she packs up food and toys and goes out in search of the newborn. But, there was no bright star, the footprints of the travelers were covered with snow as well. She leaves gifts for the children she meets on the way and is still continuing the journey in the hope of meeting the newborn King.

The cover of the book is just magical, so are the words used to describe the story. Snow covered trees and cottages, a starry night and Babushka with a basket full of food and toys, searching for the baby. Amanda Hall has perfectly captured the feel of the Christmas eve. She has made ample illustrations for the entire story and have used the right colors in the pictures; purple, blue, golden yellow and soft pink. Those artworks will surely help the children in envisaging it. Dawn Casey's writing is simple and poetic, children can easily read and understand and learn a few words as well.

Children will certainly love this book. Amanda's colorful illustrations and Dawn Casey's beautiful descriptions are wonderful. Kids will learn never to miss the opportunity that knocks the door and to share what they have with others as Babushka did/does. Parents can also utilize the chance to tell them about baby Jesus and the three wise men. This storybook will make a brilliant addition to your Children's storybook collection. Adults can also enjoy it, whilst reading it to kids.

A perfect Christmas storybook for Children!

* Received a copy from the Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

My Rating: 5/5 (Wonderful)
Happy Reading!