Friday, 21 August 2015

Six and Twenty

The day could not be anymore perfect, a Splendid Day!

IT's My BirthDAY!

Got up with the Larks, went to Church with Ma,returned Home and I was greeted by Papa and my dear Cousin, Issac, followed by a small prayer. Then, I cut the yummy special Carrot Cake - The special Carrot cake, I craved for days and Papa remembered to get me a BIG, scrumptious one.  My Goodness! It tasted like heaven. I am definitely ordering more cakes from that cake shop.

Soon after that, Pretty gifts and the Blessings were poured down on me. I was busy attending Phone Calls and Video Calls. Thank God for the Skype ( The Distance is no longer a Headache). Surprised to watch the video my cousins made for me. They literally made my day, overwhelmed by their love and warm greetings. 

Well, Well Dearies, the day had more surprises for me. My Brother and Sister-in-law had sent me the gifts I asked them to buy for me . Oh Yeah, I always tell him what I wish on my birthday and make him buy that. It's kinda a tradition (insert *GLEE* here). 

The most awaited and favorite gift of the Day was from Sweet, Cutie Husband, A darling pair of Earrings. Hmm, I am a lucky woman, ain't I?

I called it a day, by finishing off a the bowl of piquant Payasam, Ma Made with a tons of LOVE.

So, that's how I spent my Special Day.
Thanking Lord Almighty for the WONDERFUL DAY, He has been Gracious throughout the year, showering abundant blessings on me. 

 (The young woman, who turned Six and Twenty today)


  1. I'm glad you had such a great day. Happy Birthday Ria ^^

  2. Thank You Soudha, had a wonderful day,indeed!

  3. Happy late birthday Ria!

    I just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you to do the 'I mustache you some questions tag'. You can find the post here!

    1. Thank You :)

      Yay! Officially tagged for the very first time ( I was tag thief before ;)
      I will definitely do it.
      (Can you see me Doing a Happy Dance?)