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Book Suggestions for Beginners

"Papa, I want a book with pictures in it" , I constantly pestered him for story books as a little girl, adamant about reading books with colorful pictures (No black & white images, Thank You) and he remembered to buy two different books every week, so my brother and I wouldn't fight over reading it first and also devoured the BIG library books Ma brought every month and the horror stories my brother got from his school library. It was fun and welcomed me into the wide and wild world of Bibliophiles.

Sharing a few of my childhood favorites for the newbies in town.

Grimm's Fairy Tales
I am a fairy tales addict. I loved them as a kid and still I do, kinda hooked on to them. My story books were awash with colorful pictures, which made me read them over and over again. I heart each story that begins with 'Once Upon a Time' and ends with ' They Lived Happily Ever After'. My brother and I always begged Papa to buy more story books, because we didn't wish to miss any.Those princess and fiery dragons and fairies will transport any beginners into that far away land and let them know about that parallel world crowded with amazing magical creatures.

Aesop's Fables
Aesop's Fables is a collection of short stories with morals, written by Aesop, a slave lived in ancient Greece. Through simple stories, he shares a profound wisdom. Easy to read and understand by children.

Panchathantra is a collection of folktales written by Vishu Sharma. The first story describes the origin of the book. A King approaches Vishnu Sharma , asking to teach his sons the important lessons of life. Thus, the Pundit explains his knowledge to three young princes, in the form of simple stories. Easy to read and understand. Many fables are also included.

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ
Haven't you heard of wizard of Oz yet? Then, you are missing something too good; adventures of Dorothy, a scarecrow, a cowardly lion and a tin woodman in the magical Land of Oz. Make haste! May those yellow brick road lead you to a fascinating journey in the Land of OZ.

Anne of Green Gables
For all the naughty little girls out there, I introduce Anne Shirley, an orphan who had oodles of Love for everyone she knew. Her crazy imaginations will make you chortle, her hard-work will inspire your little girls and fancy the swoon-worthy hero Gilbert Blythe. Enjoyable book for both children and adults.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer
To all the naughty little boys out there, Meet Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Fin. Their adventures will make you shudder(just kidding!) and make you wanna go on the next adventure with them. BIG Thanks to my textbooks, his stories were a part of my academics.   

One Thousand and One Nights
It is a collection of Middle Eastern stories. It will enthrall you with the stories of Alibaba and Forty thieves, Aladdin and his magic lamp and the seven voyages of Sinbad. I still like them all. Cartoons or books, I couldn't choose one. Get to know the Genies and Sultans better by reading this wonderful book.

My brother and I loved Heidi, Peter and her Grand Father. Thanks a ton Cartoon Network! A heartwarming story of a little girl forced to stay with her cold Grandpa. Best Ever! (Do watch the cartoons too, if possible).

Alice Adventures in Wonderland
A talking rabbit in a waistcoat, smoking caterpillar, mad-hatter, talking mouse,Cheshire cat,Dodo,Queen of Hearts, the Duchess.... Sounds exciting, huh? Dearies, grab this book(the one with pictures in it) immediately and start reading soon. It will amuse you and make you literally wonder.

Harry Potter Series
I just started reading HARRY POTTER books, devoured the first book in the series last week and I loved it. It is a hyped book, so you must have already seen the movies/heard about it. Read the books, I wager they are more enjoyable than the movies.Just Magical!

What were your childhood favorites?

Happy Reading!!!

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  1. I read and loved many of these books as a kid so I totally agree with your recommendations. I read a bunch of those fables and fairy tales. I probably still have some at home, although I've forgotten a lot of those storied. Great post ^^
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