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EMMA by Jane Austen (Read-along Week 1)

Read-along Update


Written by      : Jane Austen
Published in  : December 25, 1815
Genre             : Novel of manners, Romance Fiction


As you all know, I am participating in 'Emma' Read-along, hosted by Lois. I am excited and have already done with the first 5 chapters as planned. Such a good feeling!

So here are my thoughts on 'Emma'. Do join in the discussion and share your opinions if you have read/ seen 'Emma'. It will be so much fun :)).

Completed 5 chapters

Quotes to ponder 


What am I thinking about 'Emma'?

Emma is handsome, clever and rich ; but spoiled and self-centered too. Instead of being delighted and thankful, Emma and her father grumbles on old governess. They forget the kindness bestowed upon them by Miss Taylor (now Mrs. Weston). Pity on them! I strongly feel that Mr. Woodhouse is partially responsible for Emma's egocentric attitude. Do you agree?

Emma plays a matchmaker. That's okay! But when she tries to part Miss Harriet Smith away from Mr. Robert Martin intentionally, you can see the selfish side of Emma. It is very rude of her to persuade Harriet to chose companions and relations against her own feelings. Also, she shouldn't have judged Martin without seeing/knowing, merely based on her assumptions and his social status.  

No, I am not fond of Emma.

What am I thinking about 'Mr. Knightley'? 

Mr. Knightley is a sensible man :)).

What I liked

Mr. Knightley's good and wise judgement :).

What I did not like

Emma's intention to play match making on Miss Harriet and Mr. Elton. Mr. Knightley is  absolutely correct! We should not tread on where we are not supposed to. It might not  always be welcome. We may end up hurting or humiliating ourselves sometimes. It is irritating too. isn't it?.

*** In this novel, Jane Austen is making fun of all who judged others based on their manners and social status. Has it changed now? What do you think? ***

Happy Reading!!!

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