Thursday, 4 June 2015

What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge

What Katy did is the story of a twelve year old girl Katy Carr. She has three younger sisters and two little brothers. Katy lost her mother and father is a Physician, who is away from home most of the time. They are being taken care of by Aunt Izzie, father's sister. The naughty and careless Katy always get into problems in whatever she attempts to do and her bad temper makes her forlorn too. Katy wishes to be protective to her siblings and longs to be loved by them. She dreams to do something great, but did not know what and how.Everything changes when Katy meets with an accident and learns her lessons from the 'school of pain' with the help of her invalid cousin Helen, who becomes a great support and inspiration in Katy's life.

'What Katy Did' is the first book in Carr Family series, written by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey under her pen name Susan Coolidge. I had not even heard of it before my cousin chose it randomly from the bookstore last week. She was in a mood for lighter books. She chose correctly, I think. I did finish it within three days. It was quite simple and fun to read. Katy Carr reminded me of my childhood. I was the naughtiest girl in my school and was always annoyed and sad whenever I was scolded for mistakes ;) . Katy loved to read and make up new stories. So did I :D. She was the center of attraction whenever they had small gatherings and fun games. Katy was also good at inventing new games for her siblings. I shall be surely trying the 'Kikeri' and river game with my younger cousins on next vacation.

Cousin Helen also has an important role in this story. Helen becomes invalid after an accident, which shattered her dreams completely. When she realizes the agonies of her family, she tries to be glad and joyful for them ; which eventually gives her happiness and a contented life. Helen describes her sorrowful days as 'school of pain'. Later, she helps Katy to be patient and kind to her family and helps her to build confidence in herself. As we know, Experience is the best teacher. Those dismal and toughest days mold them strong and give them a better persona. That was the part I liked the most in this book.

What Katy Did is a coming of age story which can be enjoyed well by children. This story also reminded me of Pollyanna. The story was finished even before I knew it. Seems like Susan Coolidge was rushing to wrap it up so quickly. Anyhow, I have no intention to read the remaining books in Carr Family series as the story failed to impress me. It was like reading a story I have heard before as the ending was predictable. Recommended for children alone :).

Happy Reading!!!

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