Thursday, 16 April 2015

Animal Farm by George Orwell

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I never fancied the novels which have animals as the main characters. Imagined them to be boring and ignored always , except Winnie the Pooh . Last Week, I was checking different book lists in Google. Animal Farm, a dystopian novel written by George Orwell was seen in most of the lists. So, I decided to add it into my TBR list along with The Wind in the Willows and Charlotte's Web and try reading them. Downloaded a copy of the Ebook from Goodreads and finished it in a few hours, when I started reading it. A thought provoking and fascinating story!.

Animal farm is the story of a group of animals revolting against the owner to get rid of their laborious lives and how they were manipulated by the selfish leaders, whilst working towards their dream new world. I had read that George Orwell wrote this book based on Russian Evolution and the characters are metaphors he used to represent the leaders at that time. I am not a History or Politics Person. But I was able to relate the issues to the incidents we hear daily.We all dream to have a better future and work hard towards it. At some point, we realize how we are manipulated by the leaders to secure their positions and feel helpless, when we are silenced by the laws and forced to simply let them manipulate us. It happens everywhere, starting from a small office. This book demonstrates totalitarianism .Happy that I did not read this book earlier. I would have thought of it as just a story with many animals in it. But now I understand the hidden meaning in this. It is a very relevant story .Now, I know why 'Animal Farm' is included in most of the book lists.

I liked the character, 'Boxer', a dedicated and hard working horse. He believes in hard work and finds hope in the words of leaders. It was disappointing to read that he did not receive what he deserved at the end. Expected the story to have a happy ending. But this one has a sad and ironic ending. The developments of the story were so intriguing.'Animal Farm' is an impressive and powerful work by George Orwell and can always be enjoyed by the readers.

Happy Reading!!!

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