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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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A Christmas carol is about a miser, selfish and cold hearted old man , Mr. Scrooge who says Christmas is humbug . He abhors Christmas and thinks the poor and destitute should go to the workhouses or prisons in the festive season . He asks the poor clerk , Mr. Bob Cratchit to come early to work , on the day after Christmas . Mr. Scrooge refuses his nephew Fred's invitation to annual Christmas party and prefers to beguile the festive eve with his banker's book . He goes to bed after dinner on that frigid night and then it happens .He is visited by his late business partner Jacob Marley's ghost . He observes that the phantom is dragging a heavy chain made of cash boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, and heavy purses wrought in steel . On asking why , the ghost warns him to mend the way he lives to avoid such sufferings when he dies and tells him that three more ghosts of Christmas will visit him .

The ghost of Christmas past takes him through the shadows of innocent childhood days. They revisit his solitary hostel days, which reminds him how much he loved to read the books. He also sees little sister Fan, who persuades little Scrooge to return home. Then the spectre takes him to his first master   Fezziwig, who loved little scrooge so much. The annual Christmas party thrown by his boss reminds how much he loved and enjoyed Christmas. The shadows of his girlfriend Belle is seen next. She ends their relation, realising Scrooge only cared for money. Then the Ghost also shows how happy Belle is at present, finding her true love. The distressed Scrooge begs the ghost to take him away from there .

The spectre of Christmas present visitation shows him his 'own room undergone a surprising transformation'. The grand feast on the table leaves him mesmerised . He notices the ghost's merriness and finds out, how the 'jolly giant' sparkles warmth from his torch everywhere he travels. They watch Cratchit's preparing a splendid feast and how jovial they are on Christmas day. Scrooge notices their crippled son, Tiny Tim and feels kindness towards him. The ghost of Christmas present shows him the shadows of 'a crutch without an owner in the future' and tells the Scrooge that Tim may die if the Bob can't find the money for his treatment. From there, they go to Fred's home and enjoys his party. He asks the ghost not to leave, till the party ends and cherishes each moment. The ghost reveals two horrible looking children under his coat. He says they are man's children, Ignorance and Want and then he vanishes .

The phantom of 'Christmas yet to come ' dreadful appearance leaves Mr Scrooge so frightened. It takes him to the scenes of a man's death in future. He finds many businessmen talking over the dead man's wealth, some selling the dead man's stolen products and making money and a poor family finds comfort upon the death of the same man. Anxious to know who the dead man is, Scrooge enquires about him to the ghost. The phantom leads him to a graveyard, where Scrooge find his name on the dead man's grave. Broken hearted and trembling Scrooge beseeches the phantom for a second chance and repents.

Scrooge awakes to find himself on his own bed and rejoices. He makes sure nothing is stolen. Shouts to the boy outside and asks which day it is. Realising it’s the Christmas day, he requests the lad to fetch the prize-winning turkey for him, to send it to his poor clerk Bob's home anonymously. He wears his best suit and goes out to visit Fred's house, to attend the party. He wishes a 'Merry Christmas ' to all. The very next day, he raises Bob's wages. He starts to help all those are in need. Loves Tiny Tim as his son and cares for him. He becomes a better man and is loved by all.


I know this is not the Christmas Season . But you see .. a good classic can be enjoyed at any time .

No Christmas story has touched my heart like this before. I call it as a 'Classic Charm Spell '. The story has an eye - opening and relevant message. It tells us to be kind and generous to others. I say, Don’t just wait for the season to do a favour. Take chances whenever you can! .The books also depict how the people were contented with what they owned. How many of us are satisfied and happy today ?. We want more and more each day. More money comes in, we get more chances to help. Hmm .. Something to think over tonight. Delighted to read it. I suggest reading this book in December, since it promises to uplift the Christmas spirit in you. This will always be my favourite Christmas novella .

Happy Reading !!!

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